New Book – Revision of a Heart now available!


This book has been in the making for several years. It’s about the lessons I learned during a time of transition and trial. It’s about what I thought I had under control in this heart: materialism, idols, pride, greed, selfishness . . . . As a Christian, these were things that should be conquered, right?! I found they weren’t so easy to conquer, but easier to ignore or overlook in myself. These are the lessons learned in an old house and a new lifestyle.

I can’t think of a better time for its release than the week our Savior took His place on the cross for the salvation of each one of us. He suffered for six hours up on that cross and then died for you and for me. It’s always humbling to consider the magnitude of this gift for such an unworthy servant as myself. His death gives each of us the opportunity for life. As Pastor Mike Lee said last weekend, “Such an extreme price paid for our salvation calls for an extreme commitment.”

As we celebrate His sacrifice and love this Easter weekend, I pray the reality of what He endured for us will penetrate your heart on a new level and you will accept His love, mercy and grace so you are able to go out and share it with others daily.

Happy Easter!

Revision of a Heart can be purchased on

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