Copyright Allison T. Cain – All Rights Reserved

The content on this website is copyrighted in my name.

The following copyright is designed to strike a balance between my content being widely distributed while at the same time protecting my intellectual property rights.

You can do the following without obtaining my prior permission:
You are permitted to share the information within Fair Use, which my copyright policy declares to be:
* You can link to this site or to any specific posting on this site.
* You can extract and repost less than 50 words, to copy, distribute and display; however, you must attribute to me and provide a link back to my original post
* You can print off my post and photocopy up to 20 copies for internal distribution within your own company or organization provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2009, Allison T. Cain. All rights reserved. Originally published at”
* You can print my posts in any non-commercial publication (e.g., company newsletter, church newsletter, class syllabus, etc.), provided you include this copyright notice: “© 2009, Allison T. Cain. All rights reserved. Originally published at”

You cannot do the following unless you have my express written consent:

* You cannot re-post one of my posts in its entirety anywhere else on the Internet.
* You cannot use this content in or for any commercial purposes, including selling or licensing printed or digital versions of my content. Any web site that contains ads may imply the site is commercial as ads generate income and would need my express written consent to include any of my content.
* You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.
* You cannot publish human and machine translations beyond Fair Use are considered a violation of my copyright policy

You are permitted to view this blog and its content via feeds as long as the feeds are for personal and not commercial use. You are not allowed to republish full content posts and/or articles from this site via feeds. You are permitted to use excerpts or titles via feeds on sites, subject to the discretion of the blog author and owner and copyright holder, and not as a replacement for content. See the copyright licensing above for more details. Any use or republishing of full or excerpted content as a replacement for content is not permitted and will be penalized.

If you have some use for my content that is not covered here, please email me at

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