Buy The Books

Books by Allison:

The Whisper of God: A 52-week devotional that encourages you to find God in the ordinary

In the Mi[God]dle: Keys to keeping God in the middle of all you think, do and say

Putting Down Roots: A 52-week devotional that empowers you through God’s word

Revision of A Heart: Lessons learned in an old house and a new lifestyle.

The Whisper of God for Kids

30 Days in Zechariah: An ordinary girl takes on an extraordinary book

Wholeheartedly: A chronological journey through the Bible in one year.

You can purchase them for $12.00 at

10% of all book proceeds go to RiverCross.

2 thoughts on “Buy The Books

  1. Allison
    Cathy brought your book home the other day, and I picked it up to take a quick glance at it. I have to admit, I teared up several times before I set it down. You have such a talent and Spirit filling. I loved it so much that I ordered 3 copies from Amazon today, to give to upcoming birthdays of some of our daughters.

    God Bless you!


    • Rich,
      I really can’t tell you how much your note means to me. Thank you so much. It makes me proud to know that you enjoyed it so much.
      Love you tons! See you on Thursday.
      Hugs, Allison

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