Sea Foam and Sparkles


You know those days at the beach when the wind is so wild it creates layers of frothy foam that blow ashore and scatter like tumble weeds across the sand. It’s almost as if the ocean seems to foam at the mouth like a rabid animal? Kinda like me when the winds of my life are blowing a gale and things get a little dicey in my heart, mouth and spirit. (That’s another blog)

Anyway . . .

The foam covers everything it comes in contact with and eventually dries. Seashells are easy prey for the foam’s assault. When the wind dies down, slows and stabilizes the foam dries up. What was once white becomes a dried dingy brown coating on anything it came in contact with. The sand doesn’t seem to be affected much, but seashells are different. Their once shiny exterior that reflected the sun goes dull and instead of lingering together in a heap; each one unique in shape, color and style . . . They all begin to look the same. Like a diamond that hasn’t been cleaned after months of diaper changing, dog baths, dishwashing and lotion applications to stop the dry wrinkled skin from getting worse. BUT, it’s just an illusion and temporary. The shells are still unique, shiny, able to reflect light and be cleaned up if only washed by another way or picked up and cleaned by the helping hands of a passer by that recognizes it as their favorite shell.

This, I discovered in a conversation with God and walk on the beach this Mother’s Day weekend, has been my problem over the past several months. I forgot! I forgot that sometimes life circumstances (whether created or forced upon us) attack and cover us while the wild winds are blowing. That even when they seem to disappear, we can be left with a mucky grimy film covering us. We just walk around dim and wonder what’s wrong. Like a funky smell in your car or house you can’t locate or identify. We may even worry that we won’t ever get back to where we used to be or that no one will appreciate or recognize us anymore.

Just as the shell can’t predict when the next cleansing wave will makes its way to them, nor can we. But with faith in our Heavenly Father and those He dwells in the hearts of, we have hope. We may be hit by a massive wave of realization through scripture or worship to simply see ourselves shiny and unique once again. Or, It may be a person who picks us up with a word, prayer or message of hope. The truth is that no matter our temporary exterior (circumstances), we are still shiny underneath, loved, able to reflect light and create delight in someone’s life – we may only require a little polishing.

If you have been feeling a little bit like you have been covered with a layer of yuck (it can take many forms: disappointment, anger, frustration, confusion, fear, betrayal, etc.) Hang tight! Your renegade wave will come renew you or some passer by, that the Creator of Waves will send, will see you, scoop you up, encourage you and open your eyes to the glory and delight that is still within you.

In the wait, know this. God sees you. This will pass. You will shine again. You will delight again and you will reflect His light brightly once again. And then, your eyes will be opened to those He places in your path that need to be reminded they are seen and treasured. You will recognize their plight and you will shine them up and remind them of the treasure they are just as someone did for you.

And so it goes with God’s people. Our emotions, circumstances, and life challenges will ebb and flow like the tides, but one thing remains. . . They will recognize us by our love for one another and the way we reflect His light.

One thought on “Sea Foam and Sparkles

  1. Thank You so much for this devotional and for your blog. You’re a blessing! God Bless You and all of your loved ones!

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