My Podcast is LIVE!



It’s difficult to believe I’ve been blogging for a decade! I’m so grateful for those of you who have followed my thoughts, life and reflections over the years.

I’ve got some exciting news today.

My friend and colleague Melissa Bell and I have started a podcast that goes live today. The Sinner and The Saint is available on iTunes podcasts, iHeart, stitcher and several other podcasts platforms. And if you don’t do podcasts . . . You can listen from our website. Each week we will drop a new 20 minute podcast. One of us was raised on a church pew in the south, the other on the wrong side of the tracks. Together we hash out the complexities and quandaries of life while slapping a little Jesus on it.

If you are looking for real transparent conversations that make you laugh, cry and think about things from a new prospective – this is it. If you are interested in seeking solutions to problems or dilemmas that swim around in your head and heart, but have never had the courage to say out loud – this is it!
And we want to hear from you! Visit our website, e-mail us or comment on any of our social media accounts with ideas for topics you would like to hear more about.

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