Open Invitation


Be still, stop striving, let go… and know that God is God” Psalm 46:10

This is the verse I’ve been pondering for the past week, so imagine my
wonder when I looked up from the path I was walking and saw this incredible
image. The sun was piercing through the trees like a spotlight in the middle
of the night almost making the bench glow. I heard God whisper, “Come sit with me.” 

Why is being still and quiet so difficult for us? Why do we find more value
in being busy and to-do lists than sitting still and quiet? Why do we feel
lazy or guilty when we take time to sit with our Father? Why do we always
feel as if we need to be in constant motion?

These are the questions I’ve been asking myself and learning the answers to
for several months. We are in a constant battle with the world, and its
definition of purpose, success, and meaning. Over and over again, women tell
me that they struggle with saying “no.” Of course, I can relate and have to
practice it myself. It’s funny to think that such a small word with only two
letters can hold so much power over us. The guilt, shame, and fear of
letting someone down can be overwhelming. 

So, today, I want to leave you with a few examples of when Jesus Himself
said no and I pray it will give you the freedom to say it as well. The
beauty of learning to say no is that there is more time to spend with the
Lord and to focus on the few things He has called us to do for Him and do
them well. 

Jesus said no to Peter, who wanted to him avert His destiny on the cross.
Jesus even called him a stumbling block. Matthew 16:21-23

So, we can say no to friends. 

Jesus said no to His family when they claimed Him as their own. Mark 3:31-34

So, we can say no to our families. 

Jesus said no showing His great power and coming down off the cross as
soldiers mocked Him and He hung with criminals. Luke 23:35-39

So, we can say no to those mock us. 

Jesus said no to the crowd who was calling Him to be King. John 6:14-16

So, we can say no to those who call us into something we know we aren’t
called to do. 

Jesus even said no to the religious leaders who warmed him to stop alleging
He was the Son of God, even though He knew it would lead to His death. John

So, we can even say no to those at our church as well. 

Photo from 10/14/19 – North Carolina Art Museum

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