Not As It Seems


It’s not as it seems. Our puppy, Gypsy, isn’t taking a walk on top of a house! As I walked our puppy through the art museum, I found an intriguing structure that allows you to walk on a rooftop.

Looking back on this picture, it helped me grasp the idea that I sometimes deceive myself.  I realized that when I’m asked to do something and I say no or decline, it feels as if I’m letting someone down, being selfish, or missing out.

Does anyone else have a difficult time saying, ” no” or “normally I would, but this time I can’t.”? These feelings are not as they seem. They deceive us into doing things we don’t have time for, don’t enjoy, add stress to our lives, and God hasn’t called us to do.

And most importantly, drain us the energy, creativity, and joy of doing the things God has actually created us and called us to do.  When you look through the gospels, you will find that even Jesus no. In fact, he said no to situations we would all do most anything to avoid: death, family, a show of power, becoming king.

Jesus said no to Peter who wanted to him avert His destiny on the cross. Jesus even called him a stumbling block. Matthew 16:21-23

Jesus said no to His family when they claimed Him as their own. Mark 3:31-34

Jesus said no showing His great power and coming down off the cross as soldiers mocked Him and He hung with criminals. Luke 23:35-39

Jesus said no to the crowd who was calling Him to be King. John 6:14-16

Jesus even said no to the religious leaders who warmed him to stop alleging He was the Son of God, even though He knew it would lead to His death. John 9:35-39

If Jesus said no to some of the hardest things we could ever imagine, how can we allow guilt to keep us from saying no to a few tasks and activities? Surely, our God who created the Universe and threw the stars in the sky has created and called someone to step up to the task.

Next time we are faced with a situation that requires a yes or no answer, maybe we should remind ourselves, we can’t do it all and not everything is our job! God’s got this!


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