Genesis 47 – Late Bloomers


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In Chapter 47, it feels as if we finally see the Jacob (Israel) turn into a man of God. After he has Joseph promises not to bury him in Egypt but to return him to his homeland for burial.

“Swear to me,” he said. Then Joseph swore to him, and Israel worshiped as he leaned on the top of his staff. (v. 31)

He worshiped as he leaned on his staff! I’m sure his heart was at peace and it felt as if he was finally walking alongside his Heavenly Father basking in His great rest. This verse reminded me once again that we are all on our own journey with God. Some are trying to journey without Him, but either way, we are all on a journey and while on it, no matter where we are, grace is a wonderful thing to run into.

Some of us are late bloomers when it comes to our relationship with Christ and have incredible stories of transformation. Others seem to have always known God, never let go of His ways and still seek Him today. And still, there are others who know about Him but chose not to believe or take another path. There are hundreds of scenarios that we can find ourselves in, but today this one verse reminds me that it’s ok.

It’s ok that all the people on my prayer wall I’m praying to find and follow Christ aren’t there yet, right when I want them to be. I mean, I want them in Heaven with me for eternity because I care deeply for them, but I can’t force their journey. I want them to experience His great courage, peace, strength, and love NOW, but I can’t make them. It’s in God’s hands and my job is to keep praying, keep gardening and planting seeds, showing God’s love and living it out to all I come in contact with so that hopefully one day on their journey they look up and realize they have reached their destination. The place where they look up with a faithful heart to our Creator and worship Him for His great love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness. The place where they finally find rest and acceptance. The place on their journey when they say, “I believe You died for me, show me how to follow Your ways.”

What a day that will be! Are you seeking God or praying for others in your life who are wandering around searching for the answer to happiness and peace? Can we make a pact to continue to pray mightily for those people we know, and don’t know, to come to know Christ sooner rather than later? A late bloomer is certainly better than never blooming, but I want everyone to have all the benefits of our Heavenly Father as they go through this life and not have to wait until their final days. Amen and Happy Thanksgiving!




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