Genesis 46 – The Love of a Father


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Joseph had his chariot made ready and went to Goshen to meet his father Israel. As soon as Joseph appeared before him, he threw his arms around his father and wept for a long time. Israel said to Joseph, “Now I am ready to die since I have seen for myself that you are still alive.” (v. 29-30)

I can only imagine what it must have been like for Joseph to finally see the father he had been separated from for most of his life. On the other hand, can you imagine how incredible it must have been for Jacob (Israel) to hug the son he thought to be dead for over twenty years?!

I can’t help but relate this to love our Heavenly Father has for each of us. All those times we turned away from Him, took the wrong step or walked away from Him. He remained there waiting for us and never giving up until we were back under His wing. The difference is that we, unlike Joseph & his father, have a choice. We don’t have to wait to seek our Heavenly Father and be in His presence. All we have to do is open His Word.

Tears well up in my eyes as I type this and consider all the benefits we receive by simply remaining in the light of our Heavenly Father’s word. There are so many who never make the time, think they are too busy, that it’s a waste of time, isn’t relevant anymore, that think they can’t understand what it means so what’s the point. I remember using a few of these same excuses years ago. Please don’t assume what others say about the Bible is true. Read it for yourself. It’s a face to face conversation with your Heavenly Father that He so desperately wants to have with you. If your favorite movie star or athlete called to say they wanted to meet for dinner I have no doubt most of us would take out a loan for the flight, drop everything and rearrange our schedules to get there. Well, the Creator of the Universe wants to have a one-on-one with you. The Creator of everything that has ever been and will ever be. Will you meet Him? You don’t have to wait any longer.

We have access to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding that we can only begin to tap in to and comprehend when we read the Bible. One of the most important truths is just how much God loves each of us and wants you back in His loving arms if you have been separated from Him.

May you find your way back to Him as Joseph did to his father.

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m grateful for each of you that take the time to read these words each week.

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