Genesis 19 – Hesitation


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Ok, this chapter is a little disturbing from beginning to end. From the townspeople trying to break and rape the angels, to Lot’s daughters getting him drunk so they could take advantage of him to have children. We read about things just as horrible, if not more horrific, in our news feeds every day, but I think when we read it in the Bible it seems as if it’s out-of-place and shouldn’t be included in such an important religious text. This is one of the reasons it’s easier for me to believe man didn’t write the Bible, but God did through man’s hand. Surely, they would have left out some parts, including these, if it had been up to mankind.

In the midst of these verses, a wonderful image stood out to me.

When he hesitated, the men grasped his hand and the hands of his wife and of his two daughters and led them safely out of the city, for the Lord was merciful to them. (v.16)

Having to leave their home and all the knew behind so quickly must have been very unsettling, especially after the encounter with angry townspeople and knowing everyone and everything you knew were getting ready to be completely destroyed. Transitions and change can lead to hesitation or lingering. Doubt, denial, fear, and insecurity creep into our hearts and minds even when it’s our choice to make the change. However, I love the image of the angels/men grasping their hands and leading them to safety.  Are you going through a transition period?

It seems to be going around with most everyone in my family or circle of friends. Whether it’s a transition to a  school, home, job, relationship, financial challenges or family role, a transition means change and it can be difficult and strenuous emotionally, physically and spiritually. It’s much easier to linger in what we already know instead of walking into the unknown.

When faced with transition, we can react in a multitude of different ways. Much of it depends on personality, experience,  and the strength of our relationship with our Lord.

Do you draw closer to God during times of transition or farther away? I actually draw closer to Him during times of praise because my mind gets foggy in times of trial and change. I rely on intercessory prayer because my heart and mind are overwhelmed. It’s in these times I trust God knows my heart and now I also have this loving image of Him grasping my hands and leading me to safety.

We should seek Him always!  But if we’re honest, we realize that we hesitate sometimes out of fear, selfish desires, a need for control, lack of faith, etc. God desires to be in the middle of all we do, leading, guiding, grasping and loving us with each step.  However, when our lives become a hub of activity and to do lists, God is pushed out of His place (the center of our lives). He gets pushed to the back or side. It takes effort, time, devotion, trust, and grace to keep God in His rightful place in our lives, but it’s all worth it. I bet Lot would testify to that if he was sitting with us right now.

Hub is defined as “a center around which other things revolve or from which they radiate; a focus of activity, authority”.

Imagine how things would change if He was in the middle of all we do, all we think and all we say.  When we follow God, no hesitations, and no lingering in the past. What would our lives look like if we protected our time with God instead of letting it be the first thing we pushed aside when our schedule got busy? We can more readily access Him, recognize Him, follow His lead, and feel His hand reaching for us when we are in touch with Him through His written word and prayer.

May we boldly step forward grasping God’s hand as we begin each new day. Never looking back to what has passed, never lingering in the pain or sin, but without hesitation keep our eyes on the cross.




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