Genesis 4 – Unrivaled Mercy & Love


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Genesis chapter 4 is well-known for the first sibling rivalry lived out between Cain and Able. We see Cain become so jealous of God’s satisfaction with Able’s offering that his anger gets the best of him. The sin of jealousy and anger swell over Cain and cause him to murder his own brother. We read God’s strong reaction to Cain in verse 12, but then we see something else.

God said, “What have you done! The voice of your brother’s blood is calling to me from the ground. From now on you’ll get nothing but curses from this ground; you’ll be driven from this ground that has opened its arms to receive the blood of your murdered brother. You’ll farm this ground, but it will no longer give you its best. You’ll be a homeless wanderer on Earth.” (MSG)

Cain calls out to God . . .

Cain said to God, “My punishment is too much. I can’t take it! You’ve thrown me off the land and I can never again face you. I’m a homeless wanderer on Earth and whoever finds me will kill me.” (v. 13-14)

and then we see the profound mercy and love of God showered on this murderer.

God told him, “No. Anyone who kills Cain will pay for it seven times over.” God put a mark on Cain to protect him so that no one who met him would kill him. Cain left the presence of God and lived in No-Man’s-Land, east of Eden. (v.15-16)

God sends Cain off. He didn’t take away the consequences of Cain’s great sin, but He still offered Cain protection.

This is my BIG take away and a reminder of the God we serve from this week. Even when we sin, when we really mess things up or take the big wide worldly way over the narrow way of God – He still loves us. He is still for us. He will protect and forgive us when we ask humbly before Him. It doesn’t mean that we escape the consequences of our sin or that we get to take the easy way out, but God doesn’t leave us or forsake us. He doesn’t take away His great love or mighty protection just because we sin. Once a part of His family, always a part of His family. Now, that’s the good stuff!

It’s such a beautiful reminder of the God we serve and who loves us dearly. Who never gives up on us, never stops fighting for us and is always waiting for the day we will return to Him if we have walked away.

AMEN and thank you, Jesus!



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