Week 44 – Know Him?


1 John

You know that He was revealed so that He might take away sins, and there is no sin in Him. Everyone who remains in Him does not sin; everyone who sins has not seen Him or known Him. 1 John 3:5-6

Love this verse! In a nutshell, we are all a sinful mess and there is nothing WE can do about it. But, Jesus can! It is the whole reason He came as a baby, lived on this Earth among us away from His rightful home and place at the right hand of God for 33 years before dying a criminals death on the cross. He came for us! He did it all for each of us because we aren’t capable on our own. The big question is have you taken Him up on His amazing offer?

This verse takes it even further than that and tells us that Christ Jesus didn’t just die to cover our sin, but takes away the action of sin in the life of Christians who believe and trust in Him. There is a distinct difference I feel we need to distinguish between. Jesus not only died to pay the penalty for our sins, but the deliver us from the pull and power sin has over us in this flesh. He was able to do all this because He was a perfect and blameless sacrifice offered up to the angry and cruel crowds to hang from the cross. .  . all along accomplishing God’s divine plan because of His great love for us. That’s a love we can barely grasp or comprehend, but it is real.

I feel like we often forget that these verses say Jesus did and does all these things. Many times, we live as if these verses from 1 John read, “Everyone who remains in himself does not sin; everyone who sins has not tried hard enough to stop.” God never created us to do manage sin alone. We simply can not do it without Him. It’s Jesus who paid the price and the Holy Spirit that resides in us so that we are able to overcome our sinful nature. As hard as we try, we will never accomplish freedom from sin without Him. I’m not sure about you, but that lifts a tremendous burden off of my heart and mind. Me and God, You and God! We are in this, as a team! His might and His power can accomplish all (Zech 4:6, Deut. 8:17, Ephesians 6:10). We are not alone. What a relief!

Blog Art is provided by my friend and sister in Christ Polly Jo Green.  She is an artist based in Cary, North Carolina. Visit her website at pollyjogreen.com.Her art ranges from doodle creations to mixed media pieces. In addition to commissioned original art, her art is available on notecards.

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