Week 20 – With God!


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Give us aid against the foe, for human help is worthless. With God we will perform valiantly; He will trample our foes. Psalms 60:11-12

I began this week by reading, verses 11 and 12 from Psalms 60, in a couple of different translations. When you read these verses in the Message translation it says, “Give us help for the hard task; human help is worthless. In God we’ll do our very best; he’ll flatten the opposition for good.” 

The first two questions that came to mind were, What tasks are hard for me when it comes to the enemy or my foes? What do I need God to help me with? Ah, EVERYTHING!

I don’t think I reflect on those facts enough! Honestly, human help is worthless when it comes to courage, forgiveness, grace, love, faith and obedience. We were not created with the ability to do these things without God’s power and might. Without God, we can’t love those who persecute us, hold a marriage together after betrayal, survive the grief that comes when we lose someone close to us, show grace to those whose mouths drip with anger, release bitterness and resentment from our hearts, or overcome the many trials, disappointments, and ramifications of sin that will always take aim at our joy through life.

Our faith in God will produce a steadfast confidence in His provision and protection. It will also provide an understanding and peace that He no more made us capable of handling all our foes alone than He made us able to fly.  Most of the time, I find great comfort in this because I remember that very fact, but there are always those times when my body or mind begins to act before I think and call on God.

I adore how verse 12 tells us that “with God, we will perform valiantly and He (NOT WE, but HE) will trample our foes”.  With God, we can overcome. With God, we will prevail. He will give us what we need to “perform valiantly”, but He will be the one to trample our foes. We have a knight in shining armor in our Lord and Savior. A real fairy tale hero that is awaiting us to follow Him and ride away with Him on His horse. One that is actually capable of never letting us down. I’m in! I’m all in!!!! How about you?

Victory in Christ!




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