My NEW book is Available!


I know you haven’t heard from me in several weeks. I’ve been working on finalizing my newest book, teaching Bible study and taking some much-needed time for rest and restoration.

So, just in time for Christmas . . . I’m happy to announce my latest book is now available on I can’t imagine a better New Year’s Resolution than to take on reading the Bible chronologically for 2017.


A Chronological Journey through the Bible in One Year


 Reading the Bible chronologically has made me want to dance like David in pure abandon, without a care of who is watching and throwing every bit of energy, love and might I have into worshiping our Creator. Not only has it opened my eyes to another incredible and easy way to study scripture, but it has given me a deeper understanding of the thread God has woven through history since He created Earth and man, it’s given me an appreciation and eye for Him in my daily life and world events. It’s not that I ever doubted God’s existence, power or attention to detail – it’s just that sometimes I put Him in my “human” box when He is so much more – so much greater. I sometimes simplify the greatness and forget to look at Him with the awe, gratitude, praise and adoration that I should.

Click HERE to purchase.


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