Keep It Up!


In Matthew 26, we find Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane with His disciples before His arrest and crucifixion. He understands what’s at stake and what’s coming. Jesus knows the Father’s will and the part He is to play in His divine plan. Thankfully, we don’t find ourselves faced with life and death situations often. However, when we are in the midst of great trial, persecution and pain we do tend to lean on God more closely through prayer. Often, we will even ask others to come along side us and pray for us as well.

Jesus spent His life and ministry living and loving in the way He desired for us to live and love. Where we find Him at the end of His ministry is no different.

After leaving them, He went away again and prayed a third time, saying the same thing once more. Matthew 26:44

Jesus kept coming back after prayer to His disciples, who He had asked to stay awake and pray for Him, only to find them asleep. This was a gentle reminder to me that my strength can’t and won’t come from others or myself, but must come from the Lord. Not only that, Jesus shows us that fear can be overcome with prayer and faith in the Father is essential to living out our lives for His glory.

Even Jesus, as He told us to do in Matthew 7:7, prayed without ceasing and wasn’t afraid to go before God three times and ask for the same thing. Jesus wanted God to answer His prayer and allow His fate on the cross to be overturned. Jesus knew at the mere whisper of a word that God could send His legions of angels to rescue Him, but He also trusted God and loved Him enough to follow His plan and trust the path set before Him.

I’ll never forget when God called me to writing and speaking. I was, and always had been, terrified of public speaking. In elementary school I could be moved to tears just by being called on by the teacher to answer a question. I truly am living proof that when God calls you to do something He equips you with what you need to carry it out. As I sat in prayer before my first speaking event God spoke straight to my heart and whispered, “Allison, I don’t need you to go out on that stage and be nailed to the cross. I’ve already taken care of that. I just need you to go out there and share the story of how I’ve worked in your life. Can you do that?” I wasn’t facing a life and death situation, but my fear was so strong it felt as serious. I prayed, I prayed over and over and then I trusted when He said, “Go!” Since the day I took that first step of faith in this journey, God has never let me down and always showed up with His strength.

Is there something in your life that the Lord is calling you to do that you have put aside because it was to scary, didn’t make sense or you felt like you didn’t have the ability to do it? Pray, and pray again.  Ask God what His will is, but be ready to accept and move forward when He whispers, “Not your will, but Mine. Will you trust and follow Me?”


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