Transmitting Holiness


As Ezekiel was shown vivid visions of the future temple, the Lord said something to him that stopped me once again.

Before they go out to the outer court, to the people, they must take off the clothes they have been ministering in, leave them in the holy chambers, and dress in other clothes so that they do not transmit holiness to the people through their clothes. Ezekiel 44:19

The Lord was explaining that the priests must remove all the clothing they had worn inside the holy chambers so that when they went out to the people in the courts they wouldn’t “transmit holiness” to them. I found this such an interesting concept.

What a great reminder of the privilege it is to serve the Lord in the holy chambers and of how powerful our God truly is. His power and holiness is so great that even the priest’s clothes were effected and able to transmit holiness to others who were near it.

Although we may not be labeled “priests”, we are the hands and feet of Christ while He has us on this Earth. We must never forget the sacrifice He made and the privilege it is to serve Him. Unlike the priests of the old covenant, we don’t walk in the inner chambers, but we do walk our homes, communities, churches and neighborhoods. Under the new covenant Jesus left us with the Holy Spirit. So when we are filled and clothed with His Spirit, He wants us to walk among the people and share His holiness, love and grace with others.

Someone recently said, “You have the warmest smile and the nicest hora around you.” I had to reply, “Thank you, but it’s not me. It’s the Holy Spirit.” I know without a doubt I’m not capable of a compliment like that unless I’m filled with the Holy Spirit. On my own, I’m not the person I should be or the person who can “transmit” His love to others. How about you? Shall we fill up on the Holy Spirit today and go out and try to transmit a little love into this world? More and more, I’ve been feeling like this world could use a bit more Jesus!



3 thoughts on “Transmitting Holiness

  1. If you read Peter’s first letter, in the 2nd chapter, he refers to the priesthood of Christians. It is cool when people detect the Holy Spirit in us! 🙂 Thank you for sharing this nice post.

    • Thank you for your message. Yes, it is very humbling and super cool when the Holy Spirit shines through us. I love how we serve a God that can overcome this flesh and make His light shine.

  2. Thank you! I look forward to your weekly blog expanding by mind and strengthening my love for Christ, and sharing it with others.

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