The Only Help



Woe to those who go down to Egypt for help and who depend on horses! They trust in the abundance of chariots and in the large number of horsemen. They do not look to the Holy One of Israel and they do not seek the LORD’s help. Isaiah 31:1
I realize these passages describe the fact that God’s people where relying more on other countries and their resources for protection than they were God, but it made we realize once again how often we are just like Israel in our personal lives. Couldn’t this verse also read:
Woe to those who turn to shopping, busyness and depend only on themselves. They trust in self and the abundance of material things instead of looking to God for provision, protection and build up earthly treasures instead of Heavenly ones. Woe to those who have forgotten to honor the ways and laws of the Lord and have allowed their hearts to be swayed by earthly desires.
That makes it a little more personal doesn’t it? How often do we skip the most important step when faced with daily decisions big and small? How often do we allow pride to overtake our hearts so we fail to seek God’s desires above our own selfish desires? Yikes, right?! If you had my Bible in your hand, it would amaze you to see how many times the word “Yikes!” is written in the margin. It’s passages of scripture are a powerful and bold reminder that we must turn from other idols and only serve God. Repentance is non-negotiable! It’s a must! The Lord alone is the only one who can save us, redeem us and complete us.
Woe to those of us who forget to seek the face of God daily, but thankfully we have Jesus! So we can have faith that when we forget . . . . there is the blood of Christ that was shed for us so that we can have forgiveness and be reconciled back to Him with a simple, but humble request.

LORD, be gracious to us! We wait for You.
Be our strength every morning
and our salvation in time of trouble. Isaiah 33:2

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