Send ME!


Recently, my husband and I had the privilege of being at home a few nights alone while our children were visiting their grandparents. On our second evening together, we sat in the window of a new Raleigh restaurant we decided to try at the last-minute. It was quiet and lovely with a view of the street. We had just finished eating our dinner when I looked up and noticed an elderly woman who was trying to traverse the gravel drive and cross the street with a package in one hand and a cane in another. She was shaky and I knew if she fell she would never make the dinner party she was surly trying to attend. As I watched, I heard God whisper, “Who should I send?” I quickly and apologetically looked at my husband and said, “I’ve got to go. I’m going to help that woman cross and street and get into the restaurant. I’ll be back.” As I approached I explained my desire to help her make it to her destination. She graciously allowed me to carry her package and took my arm as we slowly made our way to another restaurant nearby. As it turned out, she had made a very special effort to attend a dear friends birthday dinner. I got her all the way to her seat, wished her friend a happy birthday and rushed back to my husband. It’s not always convenient to answer God’s call, it can even be a little intimidating and awkward (like the day I prayed with a woman who was getting her first mammogram in the middle of the waiting room while we were clothed in our matching pink tops), but OH MY GOODNESS it is always such a blessing and feels amazing to know that God can use this sinful and unworthy servant to do His great works.
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Who should I send? Who will go for Us? I said: Here I am. Send me. Isaiah 6:8
Unlike Moses and Jeremiah, Isaiah was ready to roll when God called upon him to share His message with Israel. I love how Isaiah never questioned God or his own capabilities. He probably knew that his message would not result in leading God’s people to repentance to avoid destruction and catastrophe, but he went anyway. He shared, he prophesied, he tried! Most of all, he answered God’s call. “Who should I send? Who will go for us?” said the Lord. I pray we all stand up tall and answer, “Send me, God! Send me!”

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