If you have children . . .



I don’t normally share information like this on my blog, but once in a blue moon a television show comes along that inspires, teaches and is worth sitting down for 20 minutes to watch. We found such a show last year at the end of its 1st season. It’s called YoungWild and this year it was voted #1 new show on the sportsman channel.

It’s about the bow hunting adventures of Lincoln Tapp. This is Lincoln’s story.

“When 9 year-old Lincoln Tapp found himself sitting in a meeting with his parents and school teachers, he had no idea that very moment would set into motion a journey that would change his life forever. He was told he had a learning disability and his education options were limited.

YoungWild is a compelling new series that breaks the mold. A story of how a young man’s battle with adversity leads to an intense passion for bow hunting and a surprising self-discovery. With every new episode Lincoln gets closer to his goal of harvesting all of North America’s 29 big game species. Season One is an epic fair-chase adventure that showcases many impressive accomplishments; including becoming the youngest hunter on record to harvest a Stone sheep with a bow.” (http://youngwild.tv/about/youngwild)

With my son sharing so much in common with Lincoln (including bow hunting and homeschool), we have had the opportunity and honor to correspond with the Tapp family and can tell you they are truly what you see. A God loving, fearing, honorable, respectful and real family. Season two has just begun this month so there is still time to record and watch if you are interested. This is a show our entire family sits down to enjoy.

To watch season 1 and learn more about the show you can visit their website http://youngwild.tv/episodes/season-1/

From my family to yours, we pray you enjoy the adventures and lessons YoungWild shares as much as we have.


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