Still Dripping?


Fear was on my heart for my last post. I shared a call to action to turn off the faucet of fear in our lives.

“The faucet of fear can only be turned off when God is our focus. When God is at our center, the rest that revolves around Him will fall into place. Maybe not the place we wanted, but His place and nothing stops His plan. God will carry out His will, with or without our peace and with our without our idols. I can promise only this – that along the way, when things don’t go the way we wanted them to go, happen when we wanted to happen or transpire as quickly as we hoped, it will be only His peace and love that will bring us comfort and faith so that fear doesn’t overtake us. We will remain steadfast through trial and stormy gale when the Savior is our Rock and one true focus.”

God often puts a topic on my heart that He wants me to work on or dig deeper into for personal reasons or for others. I know what the themes are because over and over again, He places messages, scriptures, stories and people in my life that pertain to the topic. Once again, He came through as I found this amazing video from Christie Love, a dear friend and founder of LeadHer ministries . . . . on FEAR, of course.

I hope you will find it as encouraging and inspiring as I did.



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