Jealous for God


Do not worship any other god, for the Lord, whose name is Jealous, is a jealous God. Exodus 34:14

We read in the Bible about how our God is a jealous. How He desires to be first in our lives, for us to seek Him, pray and talk to Him daily. However, this week I experienced being jealous FOR Him! I gained a first hand experience into the meanings of these passages. I received the most amazing, heart-felt, God-inspried e-mail from a friend. She was sharing what God had revealed to her through the scriptures and wanted to share it with those she loved. I was so grateful because we spent last week moving and unpacking so there was little time or energy left to sit quietly with God like I enjoy doing. I admit, I was jealous! I woke up at 3 a.m. and spent some time praying. Confessing to God that I was jealous for time, insight, audible whispers and inspiration. All the gifts I only receive after spending time with God in His word. Oh, how I was jealous for Him.

He quickly spoke to my heart and said, “Allison, this is how I feel when your life becomes some hectic you don’t take time be with me. I am jealous of all the other things you spend your time and energy on. I love you, desire for you to seek me in all you do and spend time in communication with me.”

I am so grateful for these insights into His love. Only God can take jealousy and a wild week of moving and unpacking into a divine insight into who He is, was and always will be.

I pray this Christmas in all the hustle and bustle that God takes every peaceful or crazy moment and opens your eyes in a new way to the amazing gift of His son Jesus, His great love for each of us and His desire to be in the middle of our lives.

Merry Christmas!


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