Dang, Anything Else?!


Looking over Exodus this morning, I was reminded of the Israelites journey through the wilderness. Only this morning I was skimming and not studying verse by verse. Sometimes, taking a step back and looking at the overall picture can give us a different perspective on things. As I reviewed this portion of scripture I was reminded of how God saved His people from Pharaoh and led them out of Egypt. Then, I began to see a pattern . . . (and I’m paraphrasing)

Exodus 14:10-22  

Moses & His Peeps – Why did you save us? We are just going to die by this sea anyway – the soldiers are here and going to kill us. We would have been better off just staying put in Egypt and being their slaves. You were wrong about this plan God.

God – Dude, why are you complaining – didn’t I prove myself enough with all the plagues and helping you escape? Just raise your staff Moses, part the waters and run . . . sheesh!

Exodus 16:1-11

Moses & His Peeps – Why didn’t God just let us die back there if He is only going to bring us out here to starve to death? Again, what’s up with this plan?

God – I heard you grumble and complain ~ but I’ll overlook it and send you bread every day so you won’t starve.

Exodus 17:1-7

The Peeps – But we are thirsty too! You don’t expect us to go without something to drink do you? Do we have to ask for everything?

God – I heard you complaining AGAIN – check the rock and enjoy some fresh water. Can you trust me yet?

At this point, I feel like I would have said, “Dang, anything else?!” Thankfully, our God is gracious and slow to anger.  And even after all that He delivered them from the Amalekites what were attacking them Exodus 17:8-13 and  gave Moses the Ten Commandments up on Mount Sinai for them to follow. All while they grew impatient once again and had Aaron whip them up a golden calf to worship because God and Moses were taking way to long (about 6 weeks) up on the mountain! Exodus 32

I want to go ahead and admit to you that as I was reading this, I was thinking, “Gosh, they sure were ungrateful, impatient and had a shocking audacity!” And then, as quickly as I thought it, the Holy Spirit whispered to my heart . . . “And you (Allison) are no different.” Wasn’t the easiest thing to hear or to recognize in myself, but the Holy Spirit is never wrong. We are ungrateful most of the time. Thinking we deserve the blessings we receive when really we deserve nothing but swift kick in the butt (or a plague as it was for the Israelites Exodus 32:30-35). We are impatient when it comes to waiting on the Lord ~whether it’s His direction or answered prayer ~ we often wait a little while and then if He doesn’t answer us right when we want Him to we just proceed on our own. Very scary!!! Been there, done that and try not to do it!!! We also tend to suffer from “audacity syndrome”. We have the audacity to make decisions without His direction, we have the audacity to disobey His Word and direction and we have the audacity to think we are better than others because we know Him personally. Whew! Told you it wasn’t pretty!

Much to my dismay, I have to say ~ We are just like these Israelites! I don’t want to be! I try not to be! I want to bask in His blessings, appreciate EVERY small gift and be patient to hear His whisper and move in the direction He chooses for me ~ even if it means that place is the desert. I thought of this song by Caedmon’s Call called Sifting Sands.

Here is a link to their video on YouTube to listen. Praying our trust continues to grow more and more everyday so God can stop asking, “Dang, anything else?”

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