Cloudy with a Chance of Son


He parted the heavens and came down; dark clouds were under his feet. 2 Samuel 22:10

I had to fly to an event a few weeks ago. It was overcast when we took off. You couldn’t see anything outside the window except for a cloudy foggy mist. As we began our assent the ride got a little bumpy from the turbulence. The fasten seat belt sign was on and I saw some gripping tightly to their arm rests. But, we kept climbing and eventually we broke through the clouds, the sun was shining, the sky was blue and everything was clear. All the clouds were beneath us and the turbulence disappeared. Everyone relaxed.

Sovereign Lord, you are God! Your covenant is trustworthy, and you have promised these good things to your servant. 2 Samuel 7:28

What an analogy for each of our walks with Christ. It can be so difficult to trust and wait in the dark and the clouds while we are tested and strengthened.  We can’t see or imagine the glory and good that is going to come out of it, but God promises never to waste our trials. Our God is trustworthy! As we wait with white knuckled grips on our own plans, own desires and fears we are losing sight of God.

I can see now, God, that your decisions are right; your testing has taught me what’s true and right. Oh, love me—and right now!—hold me tight! just the way you promised. Now comfort me so I can live, really live; your revelation is the tune I dance to. Psalm 119:73 MSG

Just because trials, challenges and sins are clouding our vision doesn’t mean the Son isn’t there! He is always close. So close, He need only whisper. It’s in these times we have to trust the most, pray for courage, ask for strength and lean into Him and wait for the Glory. The glory that brings peace, intimacy with the Father, love and learning. Lessons to share with those He will place in our paths to guide, teach and encourage with our own experiences of trial, redemption and grace. Your cloudy days will not be wasted! The Son will shine through the clouds and you will be changed from the inside out with an increased trust, faith, adoration and joy for Christ.


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