An (in)spired deal


The Christmas season is full of surprises, packages and excitement. When I arrived home from a family dinner, this package from Day Spring was on the porch. I was so excited, I threw everything down and opened it right away.  As the author of a few devotionals – it’s obvious I LOVE a devotional. Especially a Christmas one. This table top devotional not only focuses on God’s promises fulfilled, it also includes a daily reflection question to (in)courage (pardon the pun) to share God’s promises with those around you this Christmas season.

In the first few hours after receiving it, I moved it four different places. Trying to determine where I would see it, use it and share it more. First by the kitchen sink. No, it might get wet. This is something I can get out every December 1st. Second, the bedroom. No, it’s to beautiful not to share. It’s like a Christmas decoration it’s so beautiful. Third, the counter top. No way! The kids will surely spill milk or splatter apple sauce on it. I want it to last at least one December. Then, finally . . . the table by our front door. Where the sun shines in on it like a spotlight from above highlighting the scriptures that remind me of all God has promised and secured when He sent His son Jesus to live and die on this earth – for me and for you. In the room with our nativity scene and Christmas tree. The room where every visitor enters and will see the words of truth and hope. Yes! This is the perfect spot.

I’m a visual person. I have reminders of God and His love all around my home. It helps me keep my focus on Him daily. This is a wonderful addition to my collection. I am thankful that Day Spring and sent me this to review and share with you. I appreciate being able to share my opinions about this product. My only complaint is that they don’t have one of these for every month of the year!

You can visit the (in)courage website to see this item and many other amazing and faith inspired gifts at or clicking the link here – (in)

In December, when you spend $25 you get free shipping with the coupon code SHIP25.






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