Sneak Peak


This is a new peak into Revision of  a Heart: Lessons learned in and old house and a new lifestyle, my next book due out December 2011.

The leaves are falling again. The acorns coming down like bombs. It’s been a year of wrestling. Is that possible? In one instant it feels like an eternity and in another just like yesterday.  It’s been a year of God breaking down the strongest parts of my being that I had no idea were there. I wonder how I am still standing, how God brought me through the other side and revised a heart that had been programmed by hackers.

In this year, new closets have been constructed, but I try to promise God I will only store tangible things – not guilt, not shame, not anger. New flooring will cover the old kitchen floor in just a few weeks, but I know the old I’m covering up has been dealt with properly (God saw to that) and the new only brings a fresh start. A fresh and clean start like Jesus gave when He died for all of us on that wooden cross. Basement stairs have been covered over after a fall that left a six inch scar on my leg. A visible and permanent reminder of what this year has taught me that I will carry and wear with honor. A war wound from my wrestling match? Maybe.

Now I understand why God placed the word JOY on my heart nearly a year ago. My word. The word He gave me for this year. It has penetrated my mind, my prayers and crossed my path again and again. He knew I would need this reminder. Three letters to cling to during this time of wrestling. You may wonder, did it work? Did you find joy in the suffering? Did you have joy as you watched the gash on your leg being sewn up? Did you find joy in the plan that He had for you?

Honestly, not at first. I guess that’s why it’s a revision. It takes time, it hurts, it can leave scars and many days you feel like it will never happen. The wrestling match will never end. There is no end in sight. And then it happens – JOY! The master and creator finishes the chapter. He puts the final touches on His masterpiece and closes the book. It’s over. This challenge. This revision. This wrestling match. Like the sun coming through the clouds after a rainstorm. He has brought you through to the other side and you are changed forever.

He has changed the heart of this woman. He has shown me His love never fails. His plans are best. He is sovereign and trustworthy. He is worthy of praise. He is joy! God is joy! There will be more revisions – more challenges – many more I’m sure. But, this I know. God is able to revise broken weary hearts so that they see Joy in the suffering!


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