Back Against the Wall – More from Ezra


You know the moments in life when turning it over to God is the only option because if He doesn’t show up your goose is totally cooked?  We don’t even try to take control of the situation we just take it straight to God in prayer because we know it is completely out of our hands.

It would be nice it we instantly handed EVERYTHING over to God, ALL the time, but we are human. As humans, it is our nature to try and control our circumstances so they work out according to our own plan. We want to trust, but we hold on to things sometimes believing God doesn’t care about the small stuff  or simply think we can handle it faster or better. Oh, how I have gotten  into trouble, so many times, in my life by falling into this illusion of control.

It always makes me feel better when I see my flaws in the people of the Bible and as I continued studying Ezra this week I saw how he also fell pray to this lack of trust problem.

It was time for Ezra to return to his homeland so he gathered up a great group of men. They had a long and difficult journey ahead of them.

I proclaimed a fast there beside the Ahava Canal, a fast to humble ourselves before our God and pray for wise guidance for our journey—all our people and possessions. I was embarrassed to ask the king for a cavalry bodyguard to protect us from bandits on the road. We had just told the king, “Our God lovingly looks after all those who seek him, but turns away in disgust from those who leave him.”So we fasted and prayed about these concerns. And he listened. Ezra 8:21-23 (The Message)

Did you catch it? Isn’t it amazing how much meaning just a couple of verses can hold? Here is Ezra, proclaiming about how our God protects and looks after those who seek Him, but at the same time, fearful of the dangers that lie ahead of them on their long journey. Sound familiar? To embarrassed to ask the King for help after all His proclamations about our good and faithful God he had no other option but to turn to fasting and prayer while hoping God answered – and verse 23 tells us “he (God) listened”. Ezra was just as human as we are.

We say we trust our loving Father. We say He protects and shields those who seek Him. We say we love Him above all else. Do we only say those words or do we live them? Do we only believe them when there is nothing left for us to control?

I’m not going to sugar coat this! We will struggle for the rest of our days with this deception from Satan, but I pray God opens our eyes to it and continues to tug at our hearts so we draw closer to Him and rest in Him more fervently everyday. TRUST in Him!


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