What My Savior Means To Me


A few weeks ago I shared a poem written by Helen E. Phillips (2/4/1911 – 5/7/11) This week I share another one of her touching poems written so many years ago.

What My Savior Means To Me by Helen E. Phillips

How I wish I could tell you what my Savior means to me. How He gave His life on Calvary that the world might be set free. Oh! How great the Savior’s love which He had for you and me, That He gave His life a ransom, on the cross of Calvary.

When I heard the Savior calling, “Sinner, come and live for me,” “No”, I cried, “your cross is heavy; I can never live for Thee”. Then I heard His sweet voice calling, as I lay awake at night, “Come to me, my yoke is easy, and my burdens they are light”.

Then I came to Him repenting, for the evils I had done, And I never have been sorry; I the Christian life begun. How I lived so long without Him in my life, I cannot see. Now I couldn’t rest a moment, unless the Savior lives with me.

How I wish the world would know Him, He is all the world to me. Always giving joy and comfort, as I travel on life’s sea. When life’s burdens come upon me, like the mighty billows roll, No matter what the situation, He’s the Captain of my soul!

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