New Book . . . Coming Spring 2011


I wanted to let you all know that my weekly blogs may not be as consistent as they usually are. In fact, there might be a week or two you don’t even receive one.

Along with several upcoming speaking engagements, I am in the middle of the final touches of a six-week bible study called In the Mid[God]le: Keys to keeping God in the middle of all you think, do and say. It is going through editing now and will be headed to publishing in the next few weeks.

Thanks for your patience and I hope to be back and in full swing soon. I appreciate the prayers, encouragement and support from all of you.

Allison “GodChick”

One thought on “New Book . . . Coming Spring 2011

  1. Thanks for your devotions! I have been working on them weekly since you spoke in Williamston, NC. My best friend and I both catch our selves saying to each other when a situation comes up – Do you hear the whisper ? I want you to know that you helped me work on my relationship with the Lord. I am striving to put him first in everything and give him the attention he deserves in my life daily.

    Thanks again! God Bless!!!

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