My daughter came into the bathroom this morning to tell me all about a new cleaning product.  She had even taken notes and I quote, “hot, cool, nise (nice), stems (steams) floor, you can use it again and again.  carpit glider.”  “Mommy, you would love this.  It cleans germs off the floor.” she expressed with delight.  Ten minutes later, she was back in the bathroom telling me about a new exercise program. “I did these leg lifts about 30 times and look at how big my muscles already are!”  she exclaimed.  (No, we don’t normally let our kids watch infomercials!).

Our children have innocent minds that believe what they hear and see.  Although, as adults, we aren’t so different from them.  Like an infomercial, sin is waiting for us around every corner.  Just hoping we will have a weak moment, let our guard down & believe those lies inside our head.  You aren’t thin enough, you have earned it, you could do more, you aren’t successful enough, they deserve it . . . Satan can fill our head with lies that we will begin to believe if we aren’t filling up our hearts & minds with God’s word and truths.

“Why this tantrum? Why the sulking? If you do well, won’t you be accepted? And if you don’t do well, sin is lying in wait for you, ready to pounce; it’s out to get you, you’ve got to master it.”  Genesis 4:6-7 – The Message

How do we master our sin?  How do we seal up the cracks around our hearts and minds so that sin can not creep in and crush us?

“this sin will become for you like a high wall, cracked and bulging, that collapses suddenly, in an instant.” Isaiah 30:13

Fill your life with His Word, accept His blessings, Praise Him in the storm, accept His direction, follow His path, allow His forgiveness to penetrate your heart and share His love with others.  Jesus has to be our gatekeeper.  The gatekeeper of our hearts and our minds.  Allow Him entry and let Him take control.

“He will call out to me, ‘You are my Father, my God, the Rock my Savior.'”  Psalm 89:26


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