Pity Party


It was one of those days. I was hosting a private pity party for myself. Everything going on around me seemed to catch up and I was feeling overwhelmed and useless. I decided that I deserved this time to pout and it was ok to have a pity party for myself as long as I didn’t stay at the party for more than a few days.

Have you ever had a time that that?

As I was driving my two children back from vacation bible school, they began discussing what they were going to be when they grew up. When all of a sudden my youngest (almost 3 at the time) pipes up and asked me. “Mommy, what are you going to be when you grow up?”

After a moment of silence and trying to decide whether or not to explain I was already grown up – I went for it. “Well, that is a great question”, I tell him. Thinking if I don’t know by now I am probably in trouble.
“How about Supergirl?” My son chimed in. “OK – sure” (as I think to myself – I do try to be Super Hero everyday. That sounds like a reasonable thing). So I agree, “Yes, I will be Supergirl when I grow up.”

“OK, good” he says. “How about Tomorrow?”

“ Tomorrow, I asked?”

“Yes, Why don’t you grow up tomorrow?” He repeats.

WOW!! Talk about words straight from God. My son was right. It was time for me to grow up, take hold of God’s word and leave my pity party behind!

I began to think about how often God has spoken to me through my children, friends and family.

Have you ever felt like God was speaking to you through someone else, their words or actions?

I also began to think about how many times I had missed what God was trying to show or tell me because I was either to busy, to distracted or to content to wallow around in self-pity. We need to take hold of God’s promises and trust that our father in heaven is all we need and He will provide and love us!

Some verses to reflect on: Matthew 6:26-34, Hebrews 6:12, James 5:7-11 and Numbers 11:23

For me, these verses are a reminder that God is always with us. He is in control and next time I feel the need to throw a pity party for myself, I need to invite God and the party will end a lot sooner so I can get on with the work He needs me to do in my everyday life.
What are some things you do each day that you feel God has called you to do?

Father, please keep our minds and hearts full of joy and promise. Help us to take notice each day of Your divine glory so our lives can be filled with your presence. We need You to complete each day to its fullest potential and have the strength to press forward to the next day. Thank you for your constant mercy and grace. Amen


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