God Doesn’t Yell


We have a God who forgives, encourages, restores, loves, inspires and whispers. Yes, whispers! I am sure there have been days that my children wish I was more like God. No yelling! More whispering!

“Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God” Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote. I had it above the tub in our last house. What better place to be still and quiet, right?! It is such a great reminder of how God speaks to us. But, we have to learn to slow down, reflect and listen to His whispers throughout the day – not just when we are in the bathtub.

I believe that if we go long enough without listening to God and taking time for ourselves so we can hear God’s whispers. . . He makes the time for us. Over a year ago I experienced a scary medical ordeal. I was convinced that God was using this “fieldtrip” to reinforce the fact that I have been doing to much and not turning to Him as I should. I was taking on more and more without even considering if it was a task that God desired for me to take on.

I joked about this to a friend visiting me in the hospital. I told her that I had not signed the permission slip to go on this trip and I was ready for things to return to normal. She quickly reminded me that God does not need our permission – He just acts!

How true! More than anything, God desires for us to seek Him. My friend once said, “It’s not a religion! It’s a relationship!” Oh, how God longs for a relationship with us. He does not care where you have been, what you have done, how you acted in that situation . . . He accepts us for what we have been, washes our souls, restores us to who He created us to be and we get to start all over. A clean slate. Oh, how I love our God.

So, I have tried to slow down and listen to God’s whispers. The lessons and advice He wants my soul and heart to hear. I pray that I can keep this perspective because I don’t want to have to take another fieldtrip and learn the hard way again!

Can you hear God whispering? How do you want to learn?


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